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Power Summit: where users alike can share, collaborate, and ultimately grow

By Jena Coffie posted 07-05-2018 08:12 PM


The premiere user group event of the year is taking place this October 15-18 in Phoenix, Arizona at Power Summit. We sat down with conference Program Committee Member @Phillip Guglielmi to discuss this pivotal event and the abundance of learning from industry experts available to power users of all kinds.

PUG: How important is it to stay on the cutting edge of technology for you and your business?

Phillip: We live in a pivotal time where data is disrupting the execution of strategic business and operational decisions, redefining the way business visions and outcomes are identified, analyzed, and achieved. It is for this reason that staying on the cutting edge of technology is paramount to the success of every organization, big or small, and every individual having a role in shaping the organization’s future.


PUG: How can Power Summit help you do that through content?

Phillip: Our success in these rapidly evolving technological and business ecosystems is enhanced and secured through the contributions of hundreds of thousands of business analysts, MVP’s, SME’s, and unsung technology heroes of the user group community. Power Summit brings these individuals together to foster our success.  


PUG: To you, why is community one of the top reasons to attend this conference?

Phillip: The act of helping others or connecting to your bigger than self-goals of serving the community can unlock a biological response to learn and grow against all odds and despite all adversity. Technology is evolving and transforming all functions of the organizational ecosystem, and access to top professionals to explain these changes is becoming harder. I am attending the conference to foster the growth of other individuals while also connecting with like-minded experts to actively and proactively grow my skillset and deepen my knowledge.


PUG: Having access to Microsoft Engineers & Support Technicians isn’t something you get every day; is this important to you? If yes, why?

Phillip: It is every bit as important to self-learn as it is to learn from the key women and men who brought these tools to the masses. Having access to Microsoft Engineers is an incredible opportunity to learn the inner workings and intricate mechanisms of the BI world, and to see what allows us to function and thrive in the ever-changing environment.


PUG: What is your best advice for Power Users attending Power Summit?

Phillip: Power Summit welcomes all users - users sharing, asking, and / or merely listening - and provides them an inviting home where the collective knowledge of SME’s, MVP’s, and business users alike can share, collaborate, and ultimately grow. Use the opportunity to share stories of trials and triumphs; ultimately, focus on where the weaknesses are because the SME’s attending Power Summit provide an opportunity to reduce any perceived knowledge gap.


Be present. Join this group of individuals as they share, learn, and collaborate with each other – making an impact both on them and their businesses. Register for Power Summit Phoenix today!

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