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December PUG of the Month Winner - Calgary!

By Jena Coffie posted Dec 20, 2018 01:23 PM


Congratulations to @Chris Sorensen​ and the Calgary Power BI, PowerApps and Flow User Group for winning the December Challenge of the Month. 

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We spent some time with @Chris Sorensen to learn more about the group and plans for 2019.  ​

What has been the most exciting thing for your PUG so far?

It has been two things. The first being getting the group going again with some momentum after a few years of on and off meetings. We have had three meeting with new leadership and our attendance has vibe had been quite positive.

The second is evolving the group from just Power BI to the new Power Platform umbrella. I feel like Power Apps and Flow are in a similar spot to where Power BI was a few years ago so it is exciting to also be on the ground level of these products. It is quite interesting to see how users are using these products together.


What makes your group successful?

What makes our group successful is the willingness of people to come in and speak. We have been encouraging members to come in and speak on something that they are proud of that they want to share with the world. We are also allowing members to use us a test bed for their presentation skills.

And some of it is my belief that this is what people want and that the initial hard work to get things moving along with some momentum will pay dividends in the long run. Someone just needs to carry the flag until the momentum is built and it is flag that I do not mind carrying.


Tell us about your plans for 2019?

In 2019 we plan on getting our meetings to 50 people per meeting. I would also like to see a better balance of Power BI, Flow and Power Apps content but that will come. We are also evolving the meeting format to be more interactive and to require fewer speakers with longer (typically 1-hour) sessions. The purpose is to involve more people in speaking and to make it less intimidating. This will ultimately help build a stronger group.

And lastly, we are looking to integrate a case study that the group can work on for the social good. It will touch all 3 products and will span into the summer of 2019 but may serve as an interesting way to get the group working together.