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Microsoft's Alon Baram Rolls Out Power BI Embedded Highlights

By Jena Coffie posted Feb 25, 2019 10:10 PM

Recently the Power BI User Group sat down with Microsoft Senior Product Manager and Power Platform Summit Power Series speaker Alon Baram to learn more about Power BI Embedded and his upcoming session, Deep Dive into Power BI Embedded, happening in Amsterdam this March. He shares about what's new, best practices for multi-tenancy, easier to create app-only authentication, and more - including what assets help drive future service planning.

PowerBIUG: What will users take away from your two hour Power Series session at Power Summit? 
Baram: Users will experience hands-on how in few easy steps, they can embed Power BI visuals in Web portals and applications for their internal organization or external customers and allow them to adopt decades of analytics expertise in minutes. They will also learn about our newest features and capabilities and will get an opportunity to look into our road map moving forward.

PowerBIUG: What’s new and exciting in Power BI Embedded for users that you will be talking about in this session?
Baram: We will cover our newest features and capabilities including the following:

  • Best practices for multi-tenancy with Power BI Embedded analytics - many of our customers build SaaS applications that manage multiple customers (tenants). When integrating Power BI embedded analytics into their SaaS application, they must carefully choose the tenancy model that best fits their needs. A tenancy model determines how each tenant’s data is mapped and managed within Power BI and within the storage account. The choice of tenancy model impacts application design and management. We can help users choose the best model for their needs and their customers, and weigh the different options across several important evaluation criteria. 
  • Support of authenticating to Power BI with service principal (also known as app-only authentication). Service principal can replace master user and help customers build a more robust solution when going to production: 
    • Easier to create – applications can be registered automatically, and anyone with the appropriate permissions can add the new application to a security group allowed to use service principal.
    • No need to purchase a Power BI Pro license for a service principal 
  • Control all visual menu actions programmatically - Options and Context Menus APIs has been extended to provide full control for each visual in the report on built-in commands, and custom commands. Built-in commands can be hidden, or grayed-out per visual and the position of custom commands in the menus can be controlled as well. Users can try the new ‘Insight to action’ showcase in the Microsoft Power BI Embedded Playground to experience the new feature!
  • Personalize reports with Themes API – users can apply a custom theme to their embedded report, such as corporate colors, seasonal coloring, or other custom styles. The custom theme can be defined using a JSON file like in the Power BI Service, and be applied when the report is loaded or changed in a loaded report. Users can try the new ‘Personalize report design’ showcase in the Microsoft Power BI Embedded Playground to experience the new feature and get the code to implement it.

PowerBIUG: How does having access to the Power BI User Group community and users support your efforts at Microsoft?
Baram: The PUG community is an excellent platform to get feedback on existing product features and requirements for future ones. The community is a precious asset for us, Power BI Product Managers, when planning the future of our service!

PowerBIUG: What are you looking to take away from this event? 
Baram: I’m looking forward to engaging with Power BI users in general and with Power BI Embedded users in particular. This event provides a great opportunity to meet our European customers!​

Learn more about these new features and connect with Alon onsite in Amsterdam next month at Power Platform Summit Europe. Register today!