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Community Awards in Amsterdam

By Jena Coffie posted Apr 17, 2019 12:46 PM

On the closing day of activities in Amsterdam last month, industry experts, analysts, and power users gathered for the Town Hall at Power Platform Summit Europe to hear User Group announcements and take advantage of the opportunity to engage with the Microsoft Power Platform team for product Q&A. Kicking things off, the Power Platform User Group Team took the opportunity to announce and recognize those in the community that have made an impact on users. There are many amazing volunteers writing blogs, delivering webinars, instructing academy boot camps and presenting at regional events. They selflessly give of their time and knowledge to further the education and growth of others, and the community is proud to recognize them.

Awards include:

Power Platform UG All Stars

Individuals recognized for global impact on the Power Platform User Group demonstrating leadership, passion, resolve, advancement, commitment, and participation. These winners were voted upon by local community members.

User Group Leader Excellence Award

Leaders recognized as going above and beyond for their Power Platform User Group and inspiring their local members to engage and learn. These winners were nominated by local community members.

Regional User Group Spotlight Award

Recognizing local Power Platform User Groups that demonstrate the value of community, utilize User Group best practices, and actively engage a growing membership.


Congratulations to our winners!

Power BI All Star: @Leila Etaati

Leila is well known in the Power Platform User Group community as a die-hard, passionate, pioneer of Power BI. She has helped fill the gap between BI and the Data Science world, providing helpful, practical examples aiding users to transfer information to their environments. She actively participates in BI related meetings and conferences, sharing her knowledge and guiding users to expand their knowledge in Power BI. She speaks at Power Platform Summit & World Tour User Group events around the world, as well as serving on program committees for these events. She is a dedicated leader for the Auckland Power BI User Group, organizing monthly PBI meetings, and provides fantastic written material which covers complex ideas while still easy to understand. Leila is at the tip of the spear constantly learning and offering her insights into brand new technologies.  Users look to her for both inspiration and insight for all things Microsoft PBI.


PowerApps All Star: @Vivek Patel

Vivek is not only a leader in Toronto, but a leader in the Power Platform User Group community. PowerApps is a new tool for many and he demonstrates product features with ease, including how to build new capabilities without using any code via apps and incorporates how the Power Platform products can be used in their daily lives, job roles and responsibilities. Vivek is well known as a speaker in the PowerApps and BI communities but is also known for creating and sharing content in a meaningful way online, providing videos, regular LinkedIn updates, and more to share and help keep other informed. Vivek leads an active user group community that meets every month. Each meeting, he brings valuable instructional and informative content and inspiring speakers about Power Apps. He encourages users to attend meetings and is always available for questions. Vivek is a great advocate for the Power Platform community. A true preacher.


Flow All Star: Reza Dorrani

Lots of passion. Hard worker. Amazing innovator that never stops. These are a few of the phrases used to describe Reza Dorrani’s commitment and willingness to help and share in the Power Platform User Group community. Microsoft Flow is new for many users and Reza how the tool is more than just a personal productivity workflow and can be used for enterprise applications. He has great knowledge of the platform and engages the audience with his speaking, where strong technical skills and extensive hands-on experience is visible in all his presentations. Users learn how to automate workflows and tasks across multiple applications and services, as well as clarify issues that help work toward company goals. Reza is also very active in arranging and coordinating the local user groups he leads.  He encourages participation and attendance by providing great speakers, great networking and social collaboration. Reza is a type of person who works hard to learn and acquire new skills to improve himself, the people around him, and the community. His vision for how to use the platform inspires others. The speed in which Reza learns new skills and derives solutions, agile to solution requirements & implementation, is to be admired as well as his enthusiastic passion for technology, people, and work for the community.



User Group Leader Excellence Award


Power BI User Group Leader Excellence Award: @Prathy Kamasani

Prathy has been amazing in managing the London Power BI User Group over the last 3 years. She always works hard to provide the UG with a great variety of speakers and content. In addition to offering many speaking contributions, she always remains available for user questions afterwards. She organizes meetings consistently, recruits some great speakers, and engages with the audience. She is extremely knowledgeable and more importantly very personable, and always very helpful to ANY user.


PowerApps & Flow User Group Leader Excellence Award: @Daniel Laskewitz

Daniel was one of the first volunteers to raise his hand to launch a PowerApps and Flow UG last summer, leading the charge to establish a Dutch PowerApps & Flow UG. He is an amazing presenter, always sharing his knowledge with users, and consistently willing to listen and help. He doesn't just say he will do it - he does it! Daniel is collaborative, innovative and challenges users to think laterally. He makes users want to do more for the Power Platform User Group Community.



Regional User Group Spotlight Award

Regional User Group Spotlight Award: Dublin Power BI User Group

Becoming a top User Group begins with great leadership. The leaders of the Dublin Power BI User Group @Ben Watt, @Jose Almeida and @Vali Abdykarim are active leaders not only the Dublin community, but the entire PowerBIUG community. They provide their members with consistent meetings, great agendas and speakers and the opportunity to network and learn from their peers fostering professional development opportunities for their users. The Dublin PUG is a shining example of how a PUG should be run. Great leaders, consistent meetings, active members and the opportunity to connect and learn together.


Regional User Group Spotlight Award: UK PowerApps and Flow User Group

The leaders of the UK PowerApps & Flow User Group, @Keith Whatling, @Penelope Coventry, @Anthony Pounder, @Sharon Sumner & @Pieter Veenstra, are active leaders not only in the London community and in the global PUG community, but they have taken on the initiative of establishing additional local user groups in Nottingham and Cambridge. They provide their members with consistent meetings, great agendas and speakers and the opportunity to network and learn from their peers fostering professional development opportunities for their users. The UK PowerApps & Flow User Group has helped lead the charge for PowerApps and Flow in the region and is an amazing example of how a local PowerApps & Flow User Group should be run. Engaging leaders, dependable meetings, active members and the opportunity to connect and learn together.

The session concluded with a great interactive Q&A with the Microsoft Power Platform Product Team, providing input on challenge areas, what users love, and desired areas for improvement. Users provided value feedback to the team, shaping the products for the future and users to come!