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Telling a Story with Data

By Jessica Slyter posted Jan 10, 2019 01:52 PM


Story by Maggie Sparkman, senior content developer at Microsoft

The Power BI World Tour made a stop in Seattle, Washington from October 29 - 30, 2018 to provide unprecedented Power BI content and DeNisha Malone’s session, “Telling a Story with Data”, was an excellent example of this…

Lessons from DeNisha’s session:

Tell a story

Reports can’t just be a bunch of numbers, or even beautiful visuals. You need to find the story the data is trying to tell, and then make it clear. Keep it simple. A few clear visualizations are more powerful than a whole bunch of them all over the place.

Find free data

There are lots of free data sources out there! At all the different levels of government – country, state, county, city – lots of agencies publish their data. Many non-profit organizations also make their data available for free, and they’re happy to have you use it.

Gather your customers’ requirements

DeNisha stresses the importance of the story, and the importance of giving report readers what they ask for. Before creating a report, before even collecting the data, she completes a checklist with customers, in which they tell her what they want the report to tell them. She looks for the data that will answer their questions, and then she designs the report. As she adds each element to the report, she goes back to her checklist to make sure she’s answering the questions they had, and checks them off.

Keep track of sources

Another best practice DeNisha demoed: Keep track of where you get all the data you use in a report. Create a resource table with names and links to the data. Then create a page in the report just for the resource table. That way, customers can go back to the source and dig deeper, or verify what they’re seeing.

Keep your eye on the queen

Denisha’s twitter handle is @thepowerbiqueen, so you can tell she’s aiming high. Follow her on Twitter to see how her own story develops.

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