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Hear what our Most Engaged Members of the week are saying!

By Kassandra Fredrickson posted 24 days ago


Are you ready to meet some of the individuals that make up our community? Over the next few weeks, we have something exciting planned - we are going to highlight the Most Engaged PowerBIUG Member of the Week. We want to take some time to recognize a handful of members who are really engaging in our community, we want to hear about their journey and to learn from them!

We are thrilled we had the opportunity to ask our Most Engaged Power BI Member of the week, @Vishesh Jain, a couple of questions about his Power BI journey. We enjoyed hearing what he had to say and are excited to share it with all of our PowerBIUG Community!  Enjoy!



  • If I am new to this community, what can I absolutely not miss?
    • If you are new to this community, you cannot miss, if not answering, then at least reading the questions posted by other people. The daily mail does a really good job of summarizing the activities of the previous day, which is where you can start. 
    • It is possible that today you are not facing the problems/questions posted by others, but by reading the posts, you will have an answer, when you actually face that query. At that time you will not have to waste time looking for answers.
  • What was life like for you before Power BI?
    • It was quite tedious. Everything was excel based for me and I was not very good at power pivot either. Calculations took a whole lot of time as they were done manually and maintain a format for a pivot table was a pain, since it was all cell based. After Power BI, it is all smooth sailing and POOF! all the problems were gone.
  • If I were a genie and offered you a Power BI wish, what would it be?
    • I would like to learn everything about DAX and M and how the codes/functions work. Power BI is powerful on its own, but you need M for ETL processes and DAX measures is where the magic happens.
  • Who is your Power BI Idol?
  • If Power BI had a superhero mascot, what would you envision him or her to look like?  What would his or her name be?
    • The superhero would have a yellow suit (obviously), with black bar chart abs, line chart shaped like a flash as his logo. He would catch bad guys having unorganized reports and using pie charts. His name would be ‘DAXter’.


Thank you, @Vishesh Jain! Keep up the good work!

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23 days ago

Thank you @Christopher Schnaars! I am glad if I could help you out in any way.​

23 days ago

Congrats, @Vishesh Jain. You've taught me and lots of other Power BI users a great deal. Looking forward to learning more.​

24 days ago

Congratulations Vishesh. Keep the engagement going!

24 days ago

Thank you @Hasham Bin Niaz!​

24 days ago

Thank you so much @Kassandra Fredrickson for the feature!​

I cannot not thank the entire community, who has helped me learn a lot!

24 days ago

Congratulations @Vishesh Jain for being the first member to be featured as an Most Engaged Community Member​ (Weekly)