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First Stop on the 2019 Power Platform World Tour – Tampa!

By Liz Shine posted Jan 30, 2019 04:15 PM


The turnout was strong at the
Power Platform World Tour in Tampa with over 100 attendees; many of them established IT managers, developers and business analysts across various industries. There were a handful of new Power users, several Microsoft employees and a very enthusiastic group of University of South Florida student, all eager to learn about new features, updates, and trends of Microsoft Power BI, PowerApps and Flow content.

The two-day event provided attendees with the opportunity to select from 26 breakout sessions, broken out across 3 tracks including New Business User, Power User and Technical. Some of the highest attended sessions in each track included:

New Business User
  • An Introduction to Power BI Dashboards by Cecilia Brusatori & Adriano da Silva
  • Bookmarks, Buttons and Actions – Creating Navigation in Power BI by Dan Edwards
  • Designing Solutions with Microsoft’s Power platform by Devin Knight
  • Flowverload: The World’s greatest Introduction to Microsoft Flow! by Jon Levesque
Power User
  • Data Storytelling with Power BI by Devin Knight
  • Build PowerApps for Your Business by Terrence McCleary
  • Power Tools for Power BI by Tommy Puglia
  • Advanced Data Modeling in Power BI by Mitchell Pearson
  • Power BI Reporting using Azure Cognitive Services by Joe Homnick
  • PowerApps Advanced Topics & Extending with Portals by Nikita Polyakov

Microsoft’s very own Senior Program Manager for Power BI, Charles Sterling, kicked off the keynote session. He discussed Power BI’s new capabilities and AI advantages that can help predict trends and drive actions, enable new experiences and deliver the security and compliance of your IT environment.

Sterling, who no doubt had the audience laughing within the first few seconds on stage, while speaking on his passion for whales, has three key takeaways for democratizing digital transformation - “A.M.A – Act, Measure, Automate.”

He continues, “Our objective with Power BI is to make it really easy for you to experience your data.”

  • Connect to any data source, on premise or in the cloud
  • Deliver compelling insights to every employee in your organization
  • Whether your employees are in the office, or on the road, whether they are in front of their PC, or walking the factory floor, they have information at their fingertips.


Rounding out a solid two days of learning and networking at #PowerPlatformWT was a POWERful ‘Ask the Experts’ panel, which encouraged attendees to ask the panel of experts (Nikita Polykov, Tommy Puglia, Jon Levesque, Charles Sterling and Ted Pattison) any questions.

One attendee asked, “What are some of the most interesting examples or ways to use Power BI, PowerApps and Flow?”

  • “One warehouse organization utilizes Flow by creating a button that sends a text/email/alert to employees when a truck has arrived and is ready to be unloaded, saving the company $50k a year, rather than having employees sit around and wait (on the companies dime) for the truck to arrive,” answers Jon Levesque.
  • Charles Sterling added another example that “In Sweden, an ice cream truck uses PowerApps to determine how many ice cream bars are needed for a particular route on a specific day depending on the time of year.”

The questions were turned around this time by the panel, who asked the audience “If there’s one takeaway from attending the Power Platform World Tour - what would it be?”

  • One attendee said she came away with “a greater understanding for the Power BI interface and better knowledge for how other organizations are using Power BI.”
  • One very excited attendee was was thrilled to hear Microsoft’s Nikita Polykov confirm that “The release notes for Business Application, a 380-page document, has just been released, detailing Dynamics Flow, Power BI and PowerApps. As early as April 2019, all new features will be landing.”
  • Finally, one attendee commented on how surprised they are to see Flow so underutilized and the importance for implementing PowerApps.

The objective of the event was for attendees to learn how to integrate new technology with existing systems and tailor, extend and create new applications to transform customer experiences – while retaining the flexibility to rapidly innovate, driving transformation within their organizations. Attendees left with new knowledge, new connections and renewed energy to utilize Microsoft’s Power platform tools.

Be sure to follow along the 2019 Power Platform World Tour and we look forward to seeing you at these upcoming events!
Vienna, Austria
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Toronto, Canada

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