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The Power BI cheat sheet, crammed with tips, tricks and best-practices!

By Marc Lelijveld posted Apr 23, 2019 04:13 PM


Two years ago my colleague Dave Ruijter (t | in) started the Power BI Cheat Sheet. First, it was a giveaway for participants of our classroom Power BI training with a summary of the tips and tricks we shared during the training. Not long after that, Dave decided to make it publicly available! Besides our tips and tricks, it also became community driven which results in a lot of input from the community via social media nowadays. Over a year ago, I (t | in) joined Macaw and started to help Dave with keeping the Cheat Sheet up-to-date, which is actually kind of a hard job with the fast release cycle of Power BI.

The Power BI Cheat Sheet is a one-page guide crammed with best-practices, tips and tricks based on years of experience in Power BI. The Cheat Sheet is publicly available for everyone to download. Even without registration! A few months ago, it went viral after Guy in a Cube mentioned the Cheat Sheet in his weekly video! At the moment of writing this blog, we have over 15.000 clicks on the public link to the cheat sheet, which makes us really excited!

Lots of people tell us they like to have the latest Cheat Sheet printed out and readily available on their desk, to be able to just grab it when the need is there. That’s why Dave and I  always try to bring a big pile of new hard-copy Cheat Sheets with us to events we organize or visit! Because of the fact that there is little to no room for comments to add to all the tips, we decided to do some public sessions about the Cheat Sheet as well. During these sessions, we will describe, demonstrate and discuss all the items. We will present the Cheat Sheet Explained session at SQL Saturday Stockholm, Power Saturday in Paris and Data Grillen in Lingen, but more to come! 

We try to update the Cheat Sheet every month, please feel free to send us a message with your tips and tricks, or anything you encountered that might be relevant for everyone learning Power BI! Who knows, it might be on the Cheat Sheet soon!

Find Dave or me at a community event, or download the Power BI Cheat Sheet for free: https://bit.ly/cheatsheetpbi.

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Apr 28, 2019 08:45 PM

nice and thanks for sharing Marc!