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A Few User Group Site Updates

By Michelle Lowry posted Jul 10, 2019 03:17 PM


Hey, all! Your user group website has some new and changed features, and I’ve highlighted some of them below.

View your Followed Content

For some time now, you’ve been able to follow discussion posts, blog articles, and library entries by navigating to them and clicking the Follow (star) icon.  Following a content item triggers real-time email notifications to you whenever someone else in the community interacts with that item.  It’s a great way to keep up on a conversation or file that interests you. 


Now, to make it as easy as possible to track all the content you're following, you can view it from your profile; just navigate to My Profile > My Connections > Following.

By default, ALL followed content will display, but if you want to filter to a specific type of content, simply select it from the available menu.


To stop following a content item, simply browse to the item and click the Following (star) again to de-select it. 


Updated Discussion Reply Nomenclature

The options for replying to a discussion post have been simplified and renamed.  There are now two ways to reply to a discussion post:

  1. Click Reply to reply to the entire discussion group.  This will likely be your default response method much of the time to ensure the entire community can view it and engage with you.


When replying this way, you'll use the Basic editor, with a limited set of options. Click the ellipsis (...) button to expand the Basic Plus editor with additional formatting options.
2.  Select Reply Privately from the drop-down menu to respond only to the post's author. This is a great way to keep your response hidden from the rest of the community and only reply to the author of the post.


Schedule Blog & Discussion Posts

In addition to saving content as a draft, you can now schedule discussion posts and blog articles for publishing at a future date.  To schedule a post or article, click the Schedule button at the bottom of the blog or message editor. Then, choose the desired date, and click the clock icon at the bottom of the calendar to choose a specific time.

Access your scheduled content by visiting My Profile > My Contributions > List of Contributions.  Here, you'll see your published content, auto-saved drafts, and manually saved drafts.  To view only your scheduled content, select View scheduled items from the filter menu.  Click a scheduled content item’s title to edit, reschedule, convert to draft, or delete the item. 

If you have any questions about these updates, feel free to comment below!