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Is an online Power BI Special Interest Group for you?

By Mico Yuk posted Apr 28, 2019 09:08 PM

Have you heard of a Power BI SIG.. as in a special interest group?

If your answer is No, that's OK.

You're not alone.

Power BI SIGs or Special Interest User Groups, are the hidden gems of the PUG community.

Why? Because all you have to do is have an internet connection and a laptop, and you can have the full benefits of a community online, with 100's of others with similar interest across the world.

Unlike the popular Power BI user groups, SIGs are very focused on a specific type of user, line of business or skillset. As one of the leaders for Power BI for Business User SIG, our focus is to help business users focus on how to really ask the right questions to gain insight from their data and then turn those into to compelling dashboards and reports. I recently did a live webinar for the PUG community on this topic.


Because our Power BI SIG is focused on 'business users', my topic is focused on the process of how to handle UAT, something most users dread. We host free webinars and create post focused on the topics that we feel business users using Power BI may want to learn more about.

If you look closely at the list below, you'll see that there is no end to the diversity of SIGs. You can join one, or many as they are 100% free and online.
So you might be wondering, what's the real benefit of a SIG? I'll just join my local user group.
My advice is, do both!

SIGs offer a unique opportunity to focus and network on a specific topic, line of business or skillset that you have an interest in.

SIGS are particularly beneficial to the following types of people:

  1. Existing Power BI users are enthusiasts who can't make it to a local user group, but want to still be a part of the community
  2. Existing User group members who are looking to gain more depth in a specific skill (DAX for instance)
  3. Existing Use group members who want to learn more and network with folks in their particular industry, such as Utilities or K-12 education.
  4. Anyone who has an interest in or is currently using Power BI.

Now while SIG's are open, free and easy to join, the key to getting the most out of your SIG is participating.

Below is a list of 5 things you can do to become a part of this exciting Power BI community opportunity:

1. Click here to sign up for the SIG(s) that interest you!

2. Do a short post introducing yourself

3. Look for 3 people in the SIG and add them as contacts (add a nice message to say hi)

4. Subscribe to your SIG - you want to be sure you get the weekly email with details on how to join free webinars, training and more

5. Share this post with 3 more people.. and encourage them to join!

By the way, we are also looking for other passionate leaders.

So if this post fires you up, do consider becoming a leader of one of the SIGs. The more the merrier!

Feel free to post your questions below!
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May 02, 2019 04:42 PM

Wonderful blog post @Mico Yuk
Highlighting the benefits of SIG (Special Interest Groups) & User Groups​