April PUG of the Month Winner – Norway

By Quinne Germain posted 03-27-2017 09:43 AM


Congratulations to User Group Leader, Hans Kristiansen and the Norway PUG on Winning the April PUG of the Month Challenge. Hans worked to invite the most Power BI Users to his community.


We spoke with Hans and asked him more about the Norway PUG, here are his answers:


What motivated you to start a PUG?


We wanted to start a Global Power BI User Group and bring passionate Power BI people together to share, learn and grow their skills and opportunities.

Whether you are brand new to the world of analytics or an expert in data analytics and visualization – Power BI User Group Norway is a community for people from every profession, background and age.

Come and share best practices, learn the latest features, connect with other Power BI enthusiasts and have FUN! 

How did your group get started?


We were four people with different backgrounds from the Business Intelligence market that started Power BI User Group Norway back in 2015, when Microsoft was launching the Power BI Community. We started with regular meetups and webinars, and we have had over 120 meetups since starting.

We have a PUG Dashboard where we can get insight and take action from our user group meetings.

Power BI User Group Norway Dashboard


How do you encourage your members to network and share best practices?


Be active in discussion forums, and post your questions so we can have an active discussion forum with different topics.

We encourage members to come to meetings and talk Power BI and share their best practice from their solutions.

We also encourage our members to use the Ideas forum and the Issues forum.


What do you think makes your group successful?


Regular meetups and webinars on different topics that our members want us to discuss.

Also, an active discussion forum so people can get help when they have a question about Power BI in their projects.


Tell us about your plans for 2017


Our plans for 2017 include more webinars, meetups, active discussion forum, and a virtual Power BI Round Table where we have some of the top Global Power BI Experts that answer questions from members.

We are also investing our time into how we can best build up our new PUG platform: http://www.pbiusergroup.com/home for our Power BI Community.