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New PUG Leader Spotlight

By Quinne Germain posted 12-19-2017 10:30 AM


This month we sat down with new PUG Leader, Ásgeir Gunnarsson to get to know him. Ásgeir recently launched a new PUG in Iceland. Here is what we learned about Ásgeir. If you don't live in Iceland, launch a PUG in your area
   1. What inspired you to want to start a new PUG in Iceland?

I have been teaching Power BI classes at the Continuous Education department of University of Iceland for the last couple of years and I have seen interest in Power BI rise each semester. I also present at conferences internationally and during some of those I have spoken to leaders of PUGs in other countries and heard about the mixed demography (business and IT) of their group. As I have been running a Microsoft Data platform user group in Iceland for couple of years I have seen interest in Power BI rise there as well but felt that it would be difficult to get the business side of the Power BI user base into those meetings as they are IT only at the moment.  So, I decided to start a Power BI user group where I feel business and IT people can come together on equal grounds and learn from each other without anyone feeling intimidated. I have with me good experience from my Data Platform user group but it’s fantastic for a new PUG leader to have all the resources on the website already set up. It makes it so much easier to get started.

    2. What are your plans for the group in 2018?

The plans for the group in 2018 is to introduce it to more people to gather interest. We plan to meet bi-monthly where we will have a mix of talks and problem-solving sessions.

   3. Who has been an inspiration to you from the Power BI World?

There are so many people that inspire me and countless others in the Power BI world. It depends a lot on what angle you are looking at. Is it DAX then Ferrari and Russo are the men, is it Data wrangling it could be Chris Webb or if it is about great enthusiasm coupled with fantastic skill it could be Reza Rad. I have been inspired by them all and more.

   4. Something fun/exciting we should know about you?

I’m a big fan of doing as much of the food chain as possible myself so I like to fish and hunt if I can. Then I also smoke and cure meat and brew my own beer. The dream is to have a complete Christmas dinner from my own produce but that has to wait until I get a garden (and most likely live in a warmer climate 😊).