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April PUG of the Month Winners - Indianapolis and Karachi

By Quinne Germain posted Mar 30, 2018 09:54 AM

Congratulations to the Indianapolis PUG and the Karachi PUG on winning the two PUG Leader Challenges for April. They have both won tickets to either Data & BI Summit or Focus 2018.

We spent some time with both of the leaders, Jennifer McGuire from Indy and Hasham Niaz and Farhan Ahmed from Karachi to learn more about their PUGs and what Makes them successful.

What has been the most exciting thing for your PUG so far?


The Indy PUG is getting restarted, so it is exciting to see the possibilities that the future holds for the group. I have partners and experts willing to share their knowledge with members, so I'm looking forward to what we can do at future meetings. We recently met with the CRMUG and AXUG user groups in Indiana, and there are many companies using Power BI in conjunction with these tools. I am hopeful that the joint meeting sparked some interest in participating in the Indy PUG.

We have started Karachi PUG in early 2018 with very few members & since then we are growing every week.

Our PUG has people from different industry verticals along with different job roles & idea behind this community is to learn & share Power BI content with the community which excites each member of the community.

What makes your group successful?


I think what makes any group successful is the collaboration between its members. As our membership in Indy and the surrounding area grows, I'm hopeful we'll be able to provide relevant content and discussion for those starting and those expanding their Power BI programs. In addition, Dynamic Communities’ support for the local user groups is invaluable. 


We have people who are new to Power BI, along with people who have tons of BI experience. Our group luckily has an MCT as well.

This provide us great path to plan our events & deliver the content to our community needs.

Tell us about your plans for 2018?


Our plans for 2018 are to increase our membership and attendance. I'm excited to help develop the user group. Business Intelligence is an emerging area in many companies, so it's refreshing to have volunteers willing to share their expertise. I want our group to provide a forum for those in all areas of BI programs — administrators, analysts, and business users —- to share ideas, lessons learned, success stories, and best practices. 


For 2018, we plan to reach out to business community & deliver Power BI sessions around business use cases which will help them solve business problems.

We are planning to provide platform to new volunteer / speaker in our upcoming events & work with them to enhance their speaking skills.

We are also planning to encourage local PUG members to participate in global Conferences like Data & BI Summit, Focus 2018, Power BI World Tour & also participate in Power BI Community challenges as well.

With that we also need to encourage global Power BI community to engage in these learning activities through PUGs.