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June PUG of the Month Winner

By Quinne Germain posted 06-05-2018 11:48 AM

Congratulations to Wolfgang Strasser and Markus Ehrenmuller and the Austria PUG on winning the June challenge of the month. We spent some time with the leaders of this community to learn more about the PUG in Austria.


What has been the most exciting thing for your PUG so far?

Of course: Having won the June PUG Leader Challenge!

The whole journey of seeing the features of the product growing over the past years and the local & global community in parallel is very exciting.


What makes your group successful?

Our PUG is well connected with the existing Microsoft Data Platform community which is driven forward via PASS Austria. 

At our monthly meetings we always cover two different topics, which attracts then two different kind of audiences. With this we have a bigger crowd at the meeting - and eg. analysts learn also something about administration and the other way round.

Growing not only the number of people showing up at the event but also building up speakers out of the community is crucial. 

Having a strong community helps us in finding sponsors for events, which do then attract more people from the community.


Tell us about your plans for 2018?

We want to give Power BI a even more prominent position within the community and are working on some exciting things. Stay tuned for details!