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Power BI Drill down filter issue

  • 1.  Power BI Drill down filter issue

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Sep 17, 2019 10:45 AM
    Hi Folks,
      i need a drill down report from company level summary to Detailed view of individual company. Single company contains multiple currency values so needs to see the individual currency values separately.
        Existing please see the below screenshot Second Level when i am drill down to one company (ex : North america) contains three currency then i return to First Level  -  Company Summary . Again i am drill down to different company like India we have different currency (INR) that situations single select doesn't dynamically changing. it shows blank for all the visuals? Tried with single select option

    Give me some ideas. Thanks in advance
    First Level  -  Company Summary 

    Second Level -  Detailed view of company

    Here is the Issue :

    Ramar Veerasamy
    Associates Reports Developer