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SharePoint List -> Power BI Table -> Display in Web Part on SharePoint Page

  • 1.  SharePoint List -> Power BI Table -> Display in Web Part on SharePoint Page

    Posted Feb 18, 2019 01:41 PM
    Trying to modernize a SP 2013 on-prem application whose reporting functionality is currently to
    • set up data sources and data sets from a few lists in SharePoint in SSRS 2012,
    • format the text and values in multiple SSRS tablixes with various grouping options and cell formatting
    • send out scheduled email copies of the reports in (typically pdf format) and
    • also display the SSRS reports in SQL Server Reporting Services Report Viewer web parts 
    The people configuring instances of the application and the reports in general have little or no understanding of typical database reporting (the best may have done report development in MS Access) and there is a tough learning curve for them.  If they have to learn something to do the reporting it makes more sense for them to learn enough about Power BI to do so - those skills may be more useful than getting nearly competent in SSRS.

    However, since I'm without any Power BI skills / competency (and not a whole lot better in SSRS) I'm not sure keeping the current functionality in a move to Power BI is even possible.

    Any thoughts, comments, or broad roadmaps of what would need to be done to use Power BI instead of SSRS?

    To clarify a bit, the reports are multi-page ones with text and values from different SharePoint list entries - and there appears to be no added value from implementing a graphical representation of any of the data.  The reports displayed in SharePoint do utilize SSRS's ability to move around in time (typically in 8 or 12 hour increments) and can be printed, if needed.

    James Cox