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Microsoft Azure AI Hackathon!

  • 1.  Microsoft Azure AI Hackathon!

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    Posted Aug 16, 2019 04:48 PM

    Build AI-powered apps with pre-trained models or create your own machine learning models

    Azure AI puts artificial intelligence and machine learning at the fingertips of every developer. Want to build ML models? Choose between visual, automated, and code-first interfaces that simplify machine learning for any experience level. Want to use pre-built models? Infuse computer vision, natural language processing, and decision-making capabilities into your apps with simple API calls.


    Put your skills to the test and apply Azure AI to a new or existing project! We welcome projects of all types, including AI-powered apps or devices, conversational bots, ML models, or something else entirely! Check out the resources tab for tips on getting started, and join our Slack office hours to get your questions answered. We're excited to see what you build! 

    New to AI/machine learning?

    We've got your back. Our machine learning quickstarts and sample code will help you start building. Need datasets? Azure Open Datasets offers ML-ready open data



    Azure AI 101

    Office hours schedule

    Get your questions answered by Microsoft experts! Join the Slack channel here to access office hours.

    • Thursday, Aug 1 8-10AM PT
    • Wednesday Aug 21 12-2PM PT
    • Wednesday Sep 4 3-6PM PT

    View full rules


    Developers and data scientists of all backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to submit projects. 

    Individuals, and teams of individuals, must have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry

    Note: government officials, corporations, and employees of Microsoft or DevPost are not eligible to win prizes, but may submit projects. See full rules for further restrictions.


    Main requirements

    Use one or more of following Azure AI services to build a new project or update an existing project: Azure Machine Learning service, Azure Cognitive Services, and Azure Search. Projects may integrate with other Azure services, open source technologies (including but not limited to frameworks, libraries, and APIs) and physical hardware of your choice.



    1. Register for the Microsoft Azure AI Hackathon on this page.
    2. Create a free account on Azure. Azure free trial provides $200 credit to explore any service and 12 months of popular free services.
    3. Learn how to use Azure AI services on the resources tab, and check out our machine learning quickstarts and sample code, and ML-ready datasets.
    4. Build! Create a new project that uses Azure AI services or apply them to an existing project. 
    5. Upload your code to Github, making sure to include all deployment files and instructions needed for testing your project. (If the repository is private, share access with testing@devpost.com) Record a video under 5 minutes that demonstrates your project in action.
    6. Submit your project on devpost.com before September 10th, 2019 @ 2:00pm PT


    Pablo Moreno
    Senior Data Scientist