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PowerBi dataset user statistics

  • 1.  PowerBi dataset user statistics

    Posted Sep 17, 2019 07:01 AM

    how do I get user statistics for my PowerBi datasets?
    On I can generate user stats for reports and dashboards, but I can't find the option to do the same for the dataset itself... does that function really not exist?

    Some users are primarily connecting to the dataset in Excel or their own powerbi report, and I would like to tract the users doing that as well, otherwise the user stats for my own dashboards will not represent the full picture.

    I have not been able to find any information on this via google search...
    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,

    Soren Sjorslev

  • 2.  RE: PowerBi dataset user statistics

    Posted Sep 18, 2019 02:21 AM
    I think it should be possible via PowerShell but I haven't tried it myself.

    Christoffer Larsson
    Hogia Service AB

  • 3.  RE: PowerBi dataset user statistics

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Sep 18, 2019 02:28 AM
    Hey Søren,

    You can also extract information via the O365 audit log.

    Erik Svensen
    PUG Leader