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Solustions for Connecting PowerBI to the Data Lake

  • 1.  Solustions for Connecting PowerBI to the Data Lake

    Bronze Contributor
    Posted Jul 24, 2018 11:52 AM

    We had some questions about connecting PowerBI directly to the Data Lake. Here are a couple of solutions that are supported.

    1) Using Polybase external tables. This is included in Azure SQL Data Warehouse as well as on-prem via SQL Server 2016 or later Enterprise edition. Azure SQL Server Data Warehouse is currently the only Azure of the SQL Server solutions that I'm aware of.

    I tested the Azure to data lake and it worked (without complications). Size of return set will be a concern though.

    2) Spark on Azure HDInsights.. I would assume this is the more responsive of the 2 solutions. Assuming you're doing a lot of querying directly against the data lake.

    Abe Newton
    BI Consultant
    [Fourth Stripe Solutions]
    Oklahoma City, OK