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  • 1.  Service Project - call for ideas

    Silver Contributor
    Posted Oct 23, 2018 12:52 PM

    Hello Everyone!

    I'd like to explore doing a service project so that we can all learn together on a practical level, get some networking happening, and of course get something done for the social good.

    Is anybody currently working on a project like this, or maybe you know of a non-profit or organization that needs our help? What causes are you interested in that our group could help with? I'd like to see us do something in the intersectional feminist space - meaning projects that help marginalized groups (our disabled sisters, our people of color sisters, our LGBTQIA+ sisters, our indigenous sisters, our immigrant sisters, our homeless sisters, etc).

    What do you all think?

    Liz Amador
    Senior Data Analyst

    Women in Power BI Group Leader

  • 2.  RE: Service Project - call for ideas

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Oct 24, 2018 07:25 AM
    I love this idea! I think it is a great way to learn new skills AND do some good in our society.
    Here are some issues that I think would be popular, but not controversial:

    1) Girls and STEM education
    2) Fitness and nutrition information in underserved communities
    3) Food deserts
    4) Women entrepreneurs
    5) Access to higher education

    Those are a few ideas that I have, and would love to help.

    Jessica Jolly
    ALT-Enter, LLC

  • 3.  RE: Service Project - call for ideas

    Bronze Contributor
    Posted Jan 27, 2019 08:08 AM

    I also loved your idea. But I could not understand why this kind of question in Power BI forum :)

    BI Consultant
    Dubai, UAE

  • 4.  RE: Service Project - call for ideas

    Silver Contributor
    Posted Jan 28, 2019 04:29 AM
    Sounds like a great idea! 

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