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PUG Meetings on Feb 19 & 27

  • 1.  PUG Meetings on Feb 19 & 27

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Feb 17, 2020 10:34 AM

    Folks, PUG meetings scheduled this week, Feb 19 and next week, Feb 27 at the Microsoft Store in the Freehold Raceway Mall.

    I see notifications in PBI Service for Dashboard-In-A-Day (DIAD) being offered at the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Malvern around March 11.  If anyone is interested I'll get the specifics for you.  DIAD at the MTC is a good experience, beautiful facility, and a nice complimentary lunch, and dozens of options for coffee or tea.  I suspect the same at the MTC in NYC.

    Last week I met with a few folks at the also beautiful Eisner Room in the Red Bank Public Library for a Power BI overview.  Interesting development in that we created a useful visual during the meeting that I cleaned up afterwards and published to Power BI Report. The link is tinyurl(dot)com/agencycapacity.  What you'll see is a pair of clustered column and bar charts.  Nothing too exotic about that.  Behind the scenes is some intermediate level clean up in the Query Editor as the source file was a patchwork quilt of data blocks.  The data is also available in a PDF file and it turned out that connecting to the PDF file via a web link resulted in a much easier way to separate the two data series we wanted to use.

    Another interest that came up last week was using a shape map visual for New Jersey counties.  The shape map visual is available as a preview feature in PBI Desktop.  Here's a simple example Power BI Report * the link is tinyurl(dot)com/NJ800600 (you can select one of 3 resolutions).  One way to create the NJ Shape Map is to add the json file for NJ counties.  The Shapefile can be downloaded from the NJ Office of GIS, New Jersey Counties .  The shapefile package includes the geojson file, which must be converted to json.  One way to do that is via https://mapshaper.org/   I will put the json file for NJ counties in our PUG library.

    A questions that came up recently is what computer specifications are good for using Power BI Desktop so that we don't stare at the screen for 20 minutes.  A current generation i5 with 8GB RAM can get the job done, although it may struggle with some larger PBIX files.  I use a quad-core (i7) with 16GB RAM.  For connecting to cloud data sources you need decent internet rate.  I've been able to refresh over mobile broadband.  Most of the time 100Mbps is good, of course higher better.

    The version of Power BI Desktop is important.  As of this writing I'm running Version: 2.76.5678.782 64-bit (December 2019).  Keeping Windows Updates current should keep Power BI Desktop current.  You may have noticed that the Power BI Service has an option to turn the New Look On.  And Power BI Desktop has an option to turn on the Updated Ribbon.  I've been working with the New and the Updated and the experience has been good, of course you decide.

    Have a good week.

    Jerome Scriptunas
    Central NJ PUG

  • 2.  RE: PUG Meetings on Feb 19 & 27

    Posted Feb 18, 2020 07:08 AM

    Great stuff.  Thanks for helping everyone be better, stronger, faster and smarter.


    John Keegan

  • 3.  RE: PUG Meetings on Feb 19 & 27

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Feb 18, 2020 08:00 PM
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    Thank you, John,

    How's this for timing?   Yesterday I wrote:
    "The version of Power BI Desktop is important.  As of this writing I'm running Version: 2.76.5678.782 64-bit (December 2019)."

    Today, a new version of PBI Desktop starting rolling out - Version: 2.78.5740.721.

    My Windows Updates are current, but my computer is not yet pulling down v2.78...

    I ran a "Repair" on PBI Desktop to see if that would stimulate the update, but no update, although I passed the repair :-)

    This is not a concern, it will happen in time.  In the meantime, I'm just about acclimated to the PBI Service "New Look" and the PBI Desktop "Updated Ribbon."

    Also, I put the NJ Counties zip file in our PUG library.  It has the geojson file.  The PUG will not let me update the individual json file.  So, I'm putting the json in a zip file named "New_Jersey_json.zip" and uploading that -- crazy, but i think it will work.


    Jerome Scriptunas
    Central NJ PUG


    New_Jersey_json.zip   346K 1 version

  • 4.  RE: PUG Meetings on Feb 19 & 27

    Posted Feb 20, 2020 09:24 PM
    Dear Jerome,

    Thank you so much for the event yesterday at the Microsoft Store. I feel I learned a lot, especially, those cool charts you created and other tips and techniques you showed in working with Sharepoint Folders and Sharepoint List. Looking forward to future great sessions!



    Khagesh Pathak
    Dayton NJ

  • 5.  RE: PUG Meetings on Feb 19 & 27

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Feb 21, 2020 09:22 AM
    Hi Khagesh, it was a surprisingly good meeting.  Good things happen when the idea sparks fly!  Thank you for participating, for great questions, and the tips on doing things more easily with Excel.  I'm picking out some PBI examples for upcoming meetings.  See you next time.  Jerome

    Jerome Scriptunas
    Central NJ PUG