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  • 1.  Random List Update

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Oct 15, 2018 09:04 PM

    A couple of week's ago I posted how I was using RAND() to filter a random subset of a data set.
    I like the RAND() function a lot -- nothing else comes close.
    Here are two tips from my experience:
    1) RAND() will generate a new random list if you refresh the data (maybe this is not surprising).
    2) Slicers do not seem to work as expected.  The slicers seem to operate on the full data set rather than the random subset.

    To guard against unintentionally refreshing the random data you can try what I did:
    A) Disable refresh in the Query Editor.  Right click on the query and de-select "Include in report refresh".

    Depending on whether you are using data relationships, you might also duplicate the query, and disable refresh on the duplicate query so that you can use the initial query for other purposes.

    This may not qualify as a random act of kindness, but it is being sent with good intentions.

    See some of you on Nov. 7.

    Jerome Scriptunas
    Central NJ PUG