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12months roll data and normal data shown in one page

  • 1.  12months roll data and normal data shown in one page

    Posted Apr 24, 2022 12:23 AM
    Hi Everyone,

    May I kindly ask if you can help me on my dashboard. I'm super new in developing PBI dashboard and just learned the basics through youtube and other tutorials.

    For my dashboard, I have a page which needs to show the 12 months roll data of some key data points in 2 visuals. The 1st visual is a line chart which shows the Inflow, Outflow, Reclass, Net Inflow/Outflow. The 2nd visual is a combo line and bar graph, line graph should show the Start of the Year entity and the Bar graph must show the YTD entities.
    From the tutorials I saw, it needed a disconnected calendar to perform the 12 months roll. The line chart visual is already good but the combo visual doesnt show the  line chart for start of the year entity.

    My second concern is for the other sections of the dashboard cos aside for the 12months roll visuals, I need to show the data per month below, so let's say if I filter to Feb 2022, the 12months visuals will show Feb 2021-Feb 2022 and the data below should show the Feb data but seems is not working. I think I need a measure for this to work properly. Have shown the dashboard below. Those in grey are the data per month that needs to be shown but wont change if the slicer is change. Appreciate your help.

    Pat Altez