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"wrong" Totals in Matrix visual

  • 1.  "wrong" Totals in Matrix visual

    Posted Sep 17, 2021 04:49 AM

    Hello everyone, I have been approaching the product for a short time and I would have a problem in solving a customer request.


    We have a main table with assets and 3 tables linked to it with the "COLONNA JOIN X" key, where I have the absolute performance for each asset. There are 3 asset levels and each level has its absolute performance, which MUST NOT BE THE SUM, but a value that is always the same

    Immagine 2021-09-17 100220.jpgI attach the Level 3 join table (already filtered for a certain date i use in the report) where we see that the absolute performance of the "Fondi Edge"  asset (on Level 3) is 99.9% 

    Immagine 2021-09-17 100443.jpg

    I attach also Level 4 join table (also already filtered for the same date) where we see that the absolute performance of the "Other Edge Funds" asset (on Level 4) is 8.16% and that of the "Multistrategy Edge Funds" asset is instead of 5.09%

    Immagine 2021-09-17 100753.jpg

    well, if I show everything in a normal table (at the bottom level) there are no problems and I see the correct data, if instead I use a matrix, it always gives me the 99.9% at all levels (therefore always the percentage of the "highest" level (Level 3)).

    Immagine 2021-09-17 101429.jpg

    for PERF%  i Used Maximun 


    Immagine 2021-09-17 102107.jpg

    I thank in advance anyone who can help me to show the correct performance / percentages with the matrix (which is the tool the customer would like).


    andrea ravasio