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PBI get snapshot for 60 and 90 days

  • 1.  PBI get snapshot for 60 and 90 days

    Posted May 16, 2022 06:02 AM

    I'm trying to create an snapshot for 60 days and 90 days using using two dates. Receiptdate and completed date.
    I need to check if completed date is coming from 60, 90 days which the reference is Receiptdate.

    Option 1: identify if a particular records is 60 snapshot or 90 snapshot.
    Option 2: create a calculation for 60 days snapshot or 90 days snapshot.

    Below is my code for TSQL and convert to PBI code.

     case when replace(substring(convert(varchar(50),dateadd(month, 1, Receiptdate ),111),1,7),'/','-') =
         replace(substring(convert(varchar(50),completed ,111),1,7),'/','-') and fg_count = 1
        then 1.0 else 0 end Snapshot_60,

    Thanks in Advance.

    JOV Villanueva
    BI Developer