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Connecting to SAP Hana

  • 1.  Connecting to SAP Hana

    Posted Aug 15, 2018 11:07 AM
    It looks like I have to download the SAP Hana ODBC driver for Windows. If that is correct, has anybody successfully done that.

    Thank you

    Douglas Wright
    Business Systems Analyst
    Grafton MA

  • 2.  RE: Connecting to SAP Hana

    Posted Aug 16, 2018 09:12 AM

    Hi Douglas,

    I was recently able to accomplish this and subsequently connect from Power BI Desktop.


    You are correct that the first step is to install the ODBC driver, which was part of the "SAP HANA Client Software Packages" on the SAP website, I created a free SAP account in order to access that download:



    The one issue I ran into initially that caused the installation to fail,  was because I needed to uninstall the more current 2017 Visual C++ Redistributables, then install the HANA Client (which installed the 2010 and 2013 C++ versions), and then reinstall the 2017 Visual C++ Redistributables (available here under Other Tools and Frameworks).  I guess the HANA installer wasn't smart enough to see that the 2017 versions were more recent.


    I also needed to change my initial HANA password, and to do so, I had to install "HANA Studio".  I don't know if HANA Studio is required to connect from Power BI Desktop so long as your password doesn't need to be changed.  I got that particular installer from my client's IT team, so I hope you won't need it.  Let me know if you have any issues connecting and I will do what I can to help.






    Jared Brown

    Vice President, Data & Analytics







  • 3.  RE: Connecting to SAP Hana

    Posted Aug 16, 2018 09:37 AM

    I'll also mention that we also created an system DSN for the ODBC connection, although this was not required in order to connect Power BI to SAP Hana. That said once we had the ODBC and created the system DSN we can now create SSRS reports that hit the Hana database as we'll.

    Good luck!



  • 4.  RE: Connecting to SAP Hana

    Posted Sep 11, 2019 02:35 PM
    Does anybody know if the SAP Hana ODBC driver is compatible with HANA S/4 Cloud?  I have a customer running HANA S/4 Cloud and they want to use Power BI so I want to confirm this approach will actually work for them.


    Kevin Feit
    Microsoft Cloud Architect
    Commack, NY