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Power Bi report not opening

  • 1.  Power Bi report not opening

    Posted Sep 16, 2021 05:03 AM
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    Hello All,
    I have build a report in Power Bi Desktop and published it online . All the data used to build the report is saved on my organization SharePoint online. I have added some new files on SharePoint and wanted to refresh the report but I have been trying since three days and cannot succeed opening the report. the size of  the report is only 1.74 MB and all my other PBIx files are opening.

    I need your help on this please. and how can I refresh the report on the power bi service without opening the PBIx file as the data on the SharePoint folder will be updated monthly.
    Please find the file that is not opening attached. I am using a new LENOVO Thinkpad T14s as laptop and have enough memory.

    Thank very much in advance for your help

    sename kedji
    Business Analyst


  • 2.  RE: Power Bi report not opening

    Posted Sep 16, 2021 02:53 PM
    Does your company utilize OneDrive? If so--try utilizing the "Version History" function, and open a previous version to see if it will open.

    Looking into your cpu--lack of memory may be the issue. Before I switched to a Windows machine, I was working in PBI desktop from my MacBook, via parallels (Macbook had a total of 8GB of RAM). The process of getting into parallels was enough to show that I needed a new cpu.

    My org uses SharePoint folders as repositories for our reports--We have folders for each workspace, and additional folders for "DEV" files, "QA/UAT" files, and "PROD" files. When I start working on a report update--I open the PROD file within SharePoint and save-as, adding DEV to the file name. Continue to work on the report until completion, then save-as QA/UAT added to file name. Then I will publish to the proper workspace--This also gives you a nice trail to follow if your report won't open, or you need to revert back to an older version.

    Ian Grandey
    Business Intelligence Analyst
    Austin TX

  • 3.  RE: Power Bi report not opening

    Posted 29 days ago
    Hi @Ian Grandey ,

    Yes my org uses one drive and i have managed to retrieve a previous version from the version history function as you said; it is useful even if though I have to rebuilt a large part of the report.

    Well noted for your advices to save the report at each step in a separate folder/repository.

    Thank you very much.

    sename kedji
    Business Analyst