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Delay with scheduled refresh (Power BI) and flow refresh (Power Automate)

  • 1.  Delay with scheduled refresh (Power BI) and flow refresh (Power Automate)

    Posted 29 days ago
    Power Community,

    While these operations seem fairly intuitive, I am struggling to find a good explanation on how to monitor/troubleshoot performance:

    • Scheduled refresh (Power BI)
    • Flow refresh (Power Automate)

    My dilemma is they are not (or do not appear to be) real-time triggers.  There seems to be something causing a delay between the schedule/step and start of the dataset refresh.  My organization only has a handful of reports (with no obvious timing conflicts), but there is wide variability in the refresh history--which does not appear to be related to the data sources.

    For example, I have a daily workbook (with an insignificant amount of data) dropped in a SharePoint online library.  A Power Automate flow triggers when it is created, and the refresh usually takes ~10 seconds.  Again, there is a tiny amount of data.  In the image below for 9/17, you can see it took 7 minutes to trigger the Power BI refresh and 22 minutes to complete.  I cannot imagine there is a simpler solution, but I cannot figure out how to troubleshoot the process.

    Note: I put a 5-minute delay in the Power Automate flow after the Power BI refresh to delay an email communication to my end users.

    Should I submit a ticket to MSFT?  I was hoping there was a better way to self-diagnose this solution, but I have not see anything for folks that are not on-prem.  Any insight would be awesome!


    Kyle Buggie
    Associate Director – IT