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  • 1.  Do not load too much data

    Posted 22 days ago

    I am working with ERP data and I would like to avoid loading my entire item warehouse base (about 700,000 rows) when I really only need 10,000 rows.

    The situation is as follows regarding the tables to be loaded:

    a main table which contains the information of a list of articles (corresponds to a Bom)
    2 tables containing charts (rules, parameters linked to the items)
    1 table item warehouse which comes from the ERP

    My main table contains a maximum of 10,000 lines.
    I would like to load only the item/warehouse data (from the ERP) that concerns these 10,000 lines.

    In principle, it is a matter of filtering my source with parameters but instead of giving the user the choice to select a value, I would have to filter on all the values, i.e. all the items in my main table.

    How can we do this?

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    erick chabenat