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RLS with mixed mode

  • 1.  RLS with mixed mode

    Bronze Contributor
    Posted 23 days ago

    I think I am facing a limitation of PowerBI.
    I have a dataset in my workspace on which there is RLS

    Everything is fine if I do a simple report to put all the presentation part, connected to this dataset. The RLS is working well.

    On the other hand, if I make a report connected to this dataset, but which also has its own dataset in import mode (and therefore the report switches to mixed mode) with a link between the 2, I lose the right to 'display the data that is in the cube with RLS.

    Having been on the problem for 2 week, I decided to simplify it and go with an very simple model:
    (No measurement or DAX request)

    Step 1 :
    Creation of a TEST_RLS.pbix report which contains the data (1 simple table with 2 columns: cli and user) and the RLS rule: Creation of a TEST_ROLE role and the following DAX formula on the user column:
    [user] = username ()

    2nd step :
    Publication on the service and assignment of users in TEST_ROLE
    Connection test with a user who is not admin and who is in the list.
    => OK The data is well filtered.

    Step 3:
    Creation of a DATA_VIEW report, Connected to the TEST_RLS dataset
    Display of a table that reads the data from the table of the TEST_RLS report
    The connection mode is therefore DirectQuery
    Publication, share to user
    Connection with the user who has the rights
    => OK The data is well filtered

    Step 4:
    Import of an Excel file locally in the DATA_VIEW report (Without even creating a link between the 2 datasets)
    Suddenly, it switches to MIXED storage mode
    Connection with the same user .... And there, impossible to display the data coming from TEST_RLS
    "Unable to display visual element" message on my board

    However, as Admin, everything is displayed of course.

    Thank you in advance for your help

    Franck Servant-Roumey


  • 2.  RE: RLS with mixed mode

    Posted 16 days ago
    We have been experiencing the same issue.  I just discovered that you apparently need to "Add Build" to View access in Mixed Mode datasets.  We added that to both all datasets and it appears that has solved our problem.

    Credit to Reza Rad:  https://radacad.com/power-bi-user-access-levels-build-and-edit-are-different#:~:text=Manage%20Permissions%3A%20Add%20Build%20access,choose%20the%20manage%20permissions%20option.&text=In%20the%20manage%20permissions%20setting,in%20the%20same%20place%20too.


    Geron Meeks

  • 3.  RE: RLS with mixed mode

    Bronze Contributor
    Posted 14 days ago
    Thank you very much, I will test this solution quickly

    Franck Servant-Roumey
    Directeur Conseil / CDO /DPO
    Histoire d'Adresses
    75001 PARIS