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Maintain statistical measurement value

  • 1.  Maintain statistical measurement value

    Bronze Contributor
    Posted 14 days ago
    Good afternoon sirs,

    I have the following situation.

    I need to graphically display the evolution of billing in the current month (y-axis) in relation to the total spending in the previous month (x-axis), which in turn is constant.

    My problem is this: when I place the two measures created (total previous month and total billed current month) on the graph that shows the current daily evolution, the measurement of the previous total month changes due to the timeline.

    To get around the situation and show the graph, I created a table in the BI and set the value to seven, but if it stays that way, I will have to keep doing this update daily, and it is not ideal.

    I imagine you have two ways to resolve this:
    1 - use some function (that I don't know) that keeps the measurement value independent of the time on the graph;
    2 - assign the value of the measure in a local table of the BP.

    I also put the measures I used:

    Sum_Invoicing_Mes_Previous =
    var SOMA_DB = CALCULATE (SUM (FGL [Value]), FGL [Nature] = "DB", FGL [mes_num] = 3)
    var SOMA_CR = CALCULATE (SUM (FGL [Value]), FGL [Nature] = "CR", FGL [mes_num] = 3)
    return (SOMA_DB - SOMA_CR)

    Sum_Faturação_Mes_Anterior_Fixado =
                            FILTER (ALLSELECTED ('Calendario' [Data]),
                            ISONORAFTER ('Calendario' [Data], MAX ('Calendario' [Data]), DESC)))

    Joao Ramos