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MVP Rui Romano at the May 27th Green Bay Power BI User Group meeting!

  • 1.  MVP Rui Romano at the May 27th Green Bay Power BI User Group meeting!

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    Posted May 18, 2021 08:35 PM

    We're having our bi-monthly Green Bay "Titletown, USA," Power BI User Group meeting as usual -- with a really great presenter, Rui Romano... more on him in a bit -- but we're transitioning to a new online platform to promote meetings and register for them.

    We figured that the well-established platform would fit our little user group better. So, beginning with this May 27th Green Bay "Titletown, USA," Power BI User Group meeting, we ask you just one thing: please register for our meeting here. It'll start at the usual time: 2:00 pm and should run about 2 hours.

    What's on tap? Microsoft Power Platform MVP Rui Romano, coming to us from Porto, Portugal, will present Power BI Monitoring 101. Rui will introduce you to gathering and analyzing user data in your organization. For example, who's the most active PBI user? What PBI reports are being looked at? Are your users getting comfortable with self-service Power BI?

    Here are a couple photos of Rui. On the left is his Speaker Profile pic. On the right is a screen capture from one of the "MVPs React" videos on YouTube, during which a whole clutch of MVPs talk about the latest features.

    Rui Romano profile


    To get an idea of Rui's presentation style, here's a recent YouTube video: Power BI Tips, Tricks & Hacks by Rui Romano.

    Rui won't be alone during our meeting. We'll also have a few short member presentations on favorite features of Power BI, processes that have been improved with Power BI, tips, tricks, etc., etc.!

    So register here for this 2:00 pm Thursday, May 27th meeting online! The link to the Teams meeting is on that registration page. We're carrying on our User Group over on! Come join us!


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