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  • 1.  Book Marks and All Visuals VS Selected visuals

    Bronze Contributor
    Posted Dec 03, 2018 09:50 AM
    I wanted to get this post out here and see how successful  others have been at implementing the use of book marks and the selected v.s All visuals options. I have struggled with this setting for a couple of days now trying to get the behavior that I need. What I have is relatively simple I have a use case where I use 2 images a button, one off version and one on version of the button. When I click the image, I jump to the book mark where a visual becomes visible on the screen, all the while turning of the other versions of the same visual or rather making the other visuals not visible. This scenario is repeated 4 times in the same area of the screen. Below this area I have another visual with a button above that and I flip two different versions of that visual on or off.

    Try as I might, every time I recreate the bookmark having only the visuals I want affected selected, as the online directions tell you to do I seem to get the effect I need and then somewhere along the way it gets lost. Its almost like changing in one bookmark is affecting the others some how.

    I understand what they were going for here with this functionality and I think it is a very needed function, but it seems like there is some clunkiness to  it that still needs to be refined.

    Has anyone else had issues getting this process to work cleanly or do I just need to drink a different bourbon and try again lol.

    Ricky Brown
    Data Analytics & Dash Boarding Specialist
    Livonia MI

  • 2.  RE: Book Marks and All Visuals VS Selected visuals

    Posted Dec 04, 2018 03:25 AM
    Hi Ricky,

    Bookmarks can be frustrating but I have definitely got something working similar to what it sounds like you want.

    When working with bookmarks I tend to follow these steps

    1) Make sure both the "selection" panel and "bookmark" panel are available
    2) In the Selection panel select the visuals you want to toggle between and make sure they are both visible.
    3) Create a new bookmark
    4) Before renaming the bookmark make sure you click selected visuals
    5) Click "Update" on the bookmark
    6) Rename the bookmark
    7) Click "Update" on the bookmark
    8) Toggle the visuals to be the view you want
    9) Click "Update" on the bookmark

    I've found by following those steps exactly I get to what I want.

    It's also useful to have all of your visuals named, including buttons, to stop confusion in the selection panel.  To name a button, toggle "Title" on, give the button a Title, then toggle Title off - this title then appears in the selection panel.

    Also remember that slicers need to either be included or excluded in your bookmark to create the right behaviour.   If you set a bookmark with a slicer selecting all items it will reset the slicer everytime you toggle your views.

    Bookmarks are great and I find they do add the "magic" element to alot of dashboards, but do require a dark room with no distractions.

    Thomas Lawson
    Group Information Manager

  • 3.  RE: Book Marks and All Visuals VS Selected visuals

    Posted Dec 04, 2018 09:03 AM
        I also have several reports using toggle buttons to switch between visuals that work fine. In fact I utilize it to create a help button for each page of the report by showing a text box with instructions when the user clicks the ? button.  You definitely need to make sure the right bookmarks are linked to the correct button and it can get confusing at times.  One thing I strongly recommend is using the new group feature in the bookmark pane so you can group your bookmarks to help keep track of them.  Otherwise its easy to accidentally update the wrong bookmark as you hide and unhide visuals.

    Roger Levesque
    Business Data Analyst
    Luck Stone Corporation
    Manakin-Sabot VA