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Ranking Events by date by ID

  • 1.  Ranking Events by date by ID

    Posted Oct 11, 2018 04:27 PM
    Hello all,
    I need help with the dax for ranking events by date for a particular customer id ( CustomerTable). For instance if a customer contacts my shop 10 times i will like to rank the contact event id by date to the customer id:

    Event id      Rank    Date of Contact  Customer id
    00013         3           10/01/2018          0001
    00022        2             9/15/2018           0001
    00031        1             8/15/2018           0001

    This table has numberous customer IDs with several event id per customer id

    Thanks for the help in advance



    Arthur Obiadazie
    Houston TX
    Power Summit (bi) - Post

  • 2.  RE: Ranking Events by date by ID

    Posted Oct 12, 2018 11:36 AM

    Hello Arthur,

    I'm just begging to understand the scope of the RankX function in DAX, but I found a well explained blog about it.


    How to use RANKX in DAX (Part 2 of 3 - Calculated Measures)

    How to use RANKX in DAX (Part 3 of 3 - The Finale)

    There is particular technique explained on how to use dates to rank rows.

    Best luck!


    Rosa Porras

    Power Summit (bi) - Post