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SharePoint List and Outlook Details

  • 1.  SharePoint List and Outlook Details

    Bronze Contributor
    Posted Nov 09, 2018 09:54 AM
    We have a SharePoint list to track project issues. In the list have have columns for who found the issue and to whom it is assigned to to resolve. The names are IntelliSense Outlook email addresses or titles. In Power BI the columns of finder and resolver only have the ID of the person, and at the end of each entry is a record for each ID used i.e. if the column in the list is "Raised By", in Power BI it will be "Raised ById" and at the end of the entry there will be a column called "Raised By" and it will contain a record. e.g

    Expanding the record, one can get title, name, email etc which makes for sensible reporting. The issue raises it nasty head when a person leaves the organisation and the details are removed from AD/Outlook. The record cannot expand as their ID has been removed from Outlook thus also SharePoint. In the SharePoint list, their name is in tact. Thus when refreshing to data source, it is flagged as an error.

    Is there a means of retrieving the name that is still visible in the SharePoint list?

    Michael Dombrowa

  • 2.  RE: SharePoint List and Outlook Details

    Top Contributor
    Posted Nov 09, 2018 05:23 PM

    Now this is the not recommended, usually you disabled user from Azure AD, now since you have already deleted the Account now you need to check if your Share Point List contains [User Name] & try to pull it from there.

    Currently you don't have way to find which [ID] you need to map with user.

    Hasham Bin Niaz
    Sr. BI Consultant
    Karachi, Pakistan