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Planning for our Live Labs

  • 1.  Planning for our Live Labs

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Jul 01, 2019 04:36 PM
    Dear PUG Member,

    Thank for coming to our last live meetup last week at the Didi Museum, it was a blast. I learnt a great deal. Please check out the album on this forum for all the pics at the event, it is free to download so feel free to tweet, Instagram and facebook it, please remember to use the hash tag #PowerBIMeetupLagos

    As discussed at our impromptu AGM after the Meetup, we have agreed to plan for monthly Live Labs which will involve us bringing our laptops for a solid 2 hours of hardcore Power BI and related technology learning.

    Click here to volunteer

    To make this happen we will need volunteers. So I want to appeal that we click on this link to indicate interest and what we would like to contribute to make this a reality.

    A key requirement will be a venue sponsor that has a large enough room to accommodate a lot of people with their laptops. All our Content will be shared with registered members and we will keep track of progress every month.

    Click here to indicate Interest

    I suggest we plan to start this project immediately. So we should plan for a Saturday this month. Are you ready?

    Here are the suggested topics, please comment below with your ideas:

    1. What is Power BI, an overview of the Basics
    2. Tips for working efficiently with Data in Excel & Power BI 
    3. Building a Simple Power BI Data Model
    4. Understanding DAX Basics
    5. Power Query Basics
    6. Advanced Power Query
    7. Dashboard in Half a Day (DiHaD)
    8. Building an App in PowerApps
    9. Productivity Hacks with Microsoft Flow
    10. Mastering the new Excel Engine
    11. Automating Reports in Power Pivot for Excel
    12. Power BI tricks for Finance Pros 

    So let the planning begin. Please contribute to the discussion and remember to click the link to indicate Interest and how you intend to volunteer

    Click to Volunteer

    David Brown
    PUG Leader
    Microsoft MVP

  • 2.  RE: Planning for our Live Labs

    Posted Jul 07, 2019 06:26 AM
    Hi David,

    A huge thank you to you and everyone else that organised the last live event. It was very insightful and fun.

    I'm really looking forward to the live labs. I've filled the volunteer form and I'm happy to help make this work.

    Finance Consultant

  • 3.  RE: Planning for our Live Labs

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Jul 23, 2019 05:37 PM

    Thanks Chiamaka,

    We will very much appreciate your help. We are in the planning stages and will start the Labs in August, just trying to secure a venue sponsor and a fixed monthly routine. The labs will be on Saturdays.

    Someone will be reaching out to you soon. Thanks for volunteering.

    Many thanks 

    David Brown
    PUG Leader
    Microsoft MVP

  • 4.  RE: Planning for our Live Labs

    Posted Jul 24, 2019 05:45 AM
    Dear David,

    I am happy for this live lab plan that is on-going, though i was not able to make it to the last meet up at Didi Museum but i wish not to miss this one. Also, i have volunteered to support the smooth running of the event, i have filled the volunteer form.

    Goodnews Amaonyeaso