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  • 1.  Need help with JSON data

    Posted Dec 16, 2020 02:53 PM
    Hello all,

    Please forgive me if my post does not sound very professiona as I am quite proficient in Power Query when I extract data from local sources, but this time I have faced a REST API and got a bit lost.

    I have connected through a REST API and receive data in JSON format. Surprisingly, I have a separate list of headers and a separate list of rows. A list of rows contains 26 lists (which is the number of items in my database for a selected period) and this time every list contains 87 records (which corresponds to the number of columns in my table).

    My issue is that I do not know how to combine all those records and transpose them before I expand the column with lists. Otherwise, I get all the values stacked in a column view instead of 26 rows of 87 columns.


    I will sppreciate if you could guide me a little bit with this issue.