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  • 1.  Power BI Metadata

    Posted Feb 08, 2021 12:19 AM

    Hi nanbargaley (friends),

    I have 2 items related to Metadata that I want to ask if you guys have done in your organization.
    1. Pull metadata of the Power BI DataSets. Mainly the Source Tables and Columns used in a Power BI Data Set (DS) for all DS in all workspaces.
          a. Most of our PBI reporting will be based off a single MS SQL Server database source (or other MS SQL Server On Prem or Azure instances).

          b. Is this possible? If so, could you please point me to the right direction?
    2. Pull Get-PowerBIActivity, Get-PowerBIReport, Get-PowerBIDashboard, etc. objects using PowerShell (or any other method) and stored it in a database (like MS SQL Server or Azure).

          a. This way I can connect this data to other custom db objects in a MS SQL Server database I have already setup. 

          b. I created some PS scripts but I'm  new to it and have a hard time getting it to work. Not sure if my understanding of PS or these Get-Activity objects is the limiting factor. If needed, I can post my PS script too (please keep in mind my newbie life into PS scripting while criticizing).

    Any help with either or both is very appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    Murali Subramanian