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Min/max points on line graph

  • 1.  Min/max points on line graph

    Posted Mar 03, 2021 10:42 AM

    I need to show min/max points with data labels on a graph showing call volumes.  My solution works until I modify the date range.  I created some cards to display the calculated values, and those values are adjusting as expected, but the graphs are not.  Note that I have two graphs, one for weekends and another for weekdays.  And my base measure is average calls per hour per day.


    Weekend graph showing min/max data points with labels


    Here are the measures for Max Weekend point

    1. Avg Hourly Calls = AVERAGE('Avg Incoming Calls per Hour/Day'[Avg Calls])
    2. Avg Hourly Calls - max point on weekends =MAXX( FILTER( ALLSELECTED(DateDim), DateDim[WeekEndYN] = "Y"), [Avg Hourly Calls])
    3. Avg Hourly Calls - date of weekend max point = CALCULATE(VALUES(DateDim[Date]),FILTER(ALL(DateDim[Date]),[Avg Hourly Calls]=[Avg Hourly Calls - max point on weekends]))
    4. Avg Hourly Calls - weekend maximum = CALCULATE([Avg Hourly Calls], FILTER('DateDim', DateDim[Date]=[Avg Hourly Calls - date of weekend max point]),DateDim[WeekEndYN]="Y")
    I have fiddled with using ALL versus ALLSELECTED but am not getting either to work as desired.  Your help is appreciated!

    Sherry Sparks

  • 2.  RE: Min/max points on line graph

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Mar 04, 2021 05:17 PM
    Hi Sherry,

    I'm not sure I understand quite everything that is happening here.  Do you have a date/calendar table that is connected to your fact table?  I would suggest creating one if you don't already have.  I found this video that works quite nicely, but it admittedly does not have as many moving parts as listed above.


    Do you have a file you can share with the forum?

    Best of luck,



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