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Font Colour Red

  • 1.  Font Colour Red

    Posted 12 days ago

    Hi, I have created a template for a profit and loss layout but I am having issues turning the font colour red for negative values.

    Within my template i have used the format function to drive the format of the value but this turns the measure to text format which you can't then turn red via the font colour conditional formatting.

    In good old excel i would just format the cell "#,##0.00_ ;Red;"-"" does anyone have any ideas?

    Ben Stirton

  • 2.  RE: Font Colour Red

    Silver Contributor
    Posted 5 days ago
    Use a measure to define the color.
    KPI SLA color = IF([% CSL MoM]=0,"#0000FF",IF([% CSL MoM]<0,"#FF0000","#008000"))
    then go to conditional format use field value and select the measure.

    Krishna Nandan