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This Tampa Power BI User Group is dedicated for Power BI, DAX, R, Business Intelligence and much more. Follow us on Twitter!

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  • Thanks. It's just every odd that my colors are there. They sometimes just briefly default to that 1 st picture. When I log out and in, it's back to my colors. Not sure what is happening behind the scenes when it happens. Debbie McAllister ...

  • I'm not sure if you have created a custom report theme, but that's what I would recommend so that you can know what colors to expect. It sounds like your graph is grabbing default Power BI colors when you publish it.  This actually happens frequently ...

  • Hi! I recently was in Power BI and my Dashboard colors were different. I hit refresh to get them to change back to my colors and it didn't updated. I logged out and then went back in and my colors reappeared. The 1st time I didn't think much about it, ...

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    RE: Monthly Meetings

    Hey David, We will be posting an update shortly, but Tommy has recently worked with Andy Lawrence and me to pass the batton so that the Tampa Bay PUG can get the ball rolling again.  We are working today to finalize the transition and we will be looking ...

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    Monthly Meetings

    ​Has Tommy moved on?  Noticed that we are no longer having meetings every month and Tommy is showing a new job in Chicago... I really miss those meetings to get to see new highlights and learn more about Power BI. ------------------------------ David ...


  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the Power BI User Group Tampa, the place to share knowledge, experience, and fun tips for Power BI platform.  It is a place to gather users in one single place allowing you to connect with other BI and Analytics professionals from the same area and all over the world.   
    Be sure to bookmark: www.pbiusergroup.com/tampa  for quick & easy access to our user group! 
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    Andrew Lawrence
    Devon Reddick
    Jeremy Kingry
    Ted Pattison
    Tommy Puglia
  • June 6th we are back in action at a new location!

    Come join us for a conversation that takes us back to the basics of Power BI and what our community wants from our Tampa PUG.

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  • Hi All. Im new to PBI. Im getting data from Hana. what is the best direct query formula to calculate PY and CY  sales  Please Help Thanks P

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