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  • Hi Torben As soon as Jakob sends me the presentation I will upload it :-) ​ ------------------------------ Erik Svensen PUG Leader Denmark ------------------------------

  • Hi Erik, Thank you for a great meeting :-) Is it possible to get Jakobs slides/files on the SVG subject as well?  Best regards, Torben ------------------------------ Torben Larsen Business Development Manager ------------------------------

  • Hi Kenneth Take at look at this article; Microsoft Dynamic TopN & Ranking in Power BI Let's assume ...

  • Hi, I need your help! I have a list of 100 customers, where I just want to show the Top 5 in a tabel. No problem here. My problem is that I would like to show each of the top 5 customers revenue as % of the all 100 customers revenue. Sure that one of ...


  • Registration for World tour in Cph is open

    Hi All

    The World tour is once again stopping in Copenhagen and registration is open - with an early bird discount.

    The event was sold out the last 2 years - so hurry up and secure your seat :-)
  • Winner of the local hackathon

    Hi all,

    The voting has for the winners of the local Power BI Hackathon has now been finalized.

    And the winner is:
    #Team Knightcrawler

    @Jeroen Luitwieler
    @Marius Popiuc
    @Sam Chatterjee
    @Christian Westergaard Clausen

    with their solution about the data for the 2018 world cup in soccer.


    Congratulations on the win and the team will now proceed to the global hackathon competition - voting in that competition will soon be made public.

    A big thank to all the participants in the hackathon.


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