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Welcome to the Boston BI User Group! We meet every month at the Microsoft office in Burlington, MA with events from across the MS Data and Analytics ecosystem.

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  • Thanks Taryn - I've sent an email to the other organizers with you on copy. ------------------------------ Brett Powell BI Consultant, Author Frontline Analytics ------------------------------

  • Hi, Brett.  I would be interested in promoting & managing the social media feeds. I haven't been at the last few User Groups due to timing around holidays, but plan to get back into the swing of things this new year.  Thanks! ------------------------------ ...

  • Organizing and growing the Boston BI User Group requires volunteer time and effort. Our top priority is to bring valuable, high quality content to our members on a consistent basis in our monthly events. Additionally, we seek to promote productive collaboration ...

  • A new poll has been created on our Meetup group site to help us understand what topics are most important to members: Boston BI 2019 Event Topic Poll Member votes in this poll as well as input at our monthly meetings and via our group sites will ...

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    RE: Data story

    Sorry I know this was posted in June, but I just joined and thought I would give some feedback. First some positives - I think you did a good job on Changes & Remit as well as Charges & Payments of being really consistent with the colors, I can pretty ...

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