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  • @Vinu Hari Pl see if the below helps you. PFA the pbix also.  ​ ------------------------------ Gopa Kumar Limner Consulting North Kerala User Group Leader ------------------------------

  • Hi I have added a baseline no to the report and I would like to capture the report like below YTD Act + Forecast = Total - Base line nos (Initial estimates) Variance is = Baseline nos - Total Please help in assisting adding base line nos after Total ...

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    Hide measures from users

    Hi, I am sharing the PBI file with users, is there a way to hide the measure in power BI desktop from users and how that can be achieved. Thanks S ------------------------------ FA ------------------------------

  • Hi @Vinu Hari Please see if the following helps you. In your measure, move your current RETURN to a variable and then in RETURN you check for HASONEVALUE for category3. Something like this.. IF(HASONEVALUE(Relation[Category3]),_finalvalue,BLANK()) ...

  • Hi Gopakumar, Could you please help me in removing the 3 & 1 from the KPI coloumn Regards SH ------------------------------ FA ------------------------------

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