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  • We're excited to announce that Power Platform World Tour is coming to your region!   Powered by your local Power Platform User Groups (Power BI, PowerApps, and Flow), the Power Platform World Tour brings actionable education on Power BI, ...

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    Best Practices

    Come to our meeting tomorrow and here a short presentation on Best Practices in Power BI. ------------------------------ Kenneth Tyler 94710 Berkeley CA 5103847321 ------------------------------

  • For those who like to start with theory and work down to details try  https://www.sqlbi.com/ The resources there are FABULOUS ! I'm watched all their free stuff and am taking 2 of their courses and they are GREAT teachers. ------------------------------ ...

  • I have just uploaded the resources for the first Power Professional session (tomorrow 4/25). They are in a large zip file. Please download before coming to the session, if you can. Thanks ------------------------------ Kenneth Tyler 94710 Berkeley CA ...

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    group inventory

    First meeting tomorrow (Wed) night. I though we would start by taking an inventory. 1. How many different sources of data does your organization have ? 2. How many people are in your organization ? 3. How many people do data entry ? 4. How many people ...


  • Welcome!

    Power BI takes data access to a whole new level. In typical Microsoft style it puts power data manipulation and presentation tools in the hands of ordinary users. Like all new tools, its nice to have help. We will meet and help each other to understand what you can do with Power BI and help each other learn how to do it.
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Apr 19, 2019 Short Task (a few hours) 16  points
2000 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94710
Aug 19, 2019 Quick Task (less than an hour) 4  points
2000 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94710
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