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We are so glad you have decided to join the Greater Houston Power BI Users Group. Our goal is to bring together like minded technology and business leaders to discuss how to implement, adopt and champion analytics in our decision making. We will work together to discuss needs, challenges and opportunities for Microsoft's Power BI product and analytics overall. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming Monthly Meetings!
Thank you- Andrew Moore and Sonny Childs 

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  • Hello Houston Power BI User Group Members, Did you know the  Power BI World Tour   is coming to your backyard in November? Join your local Power BI Experts and Peers for the 2018 Power BI World Tour making a stop in Dallas on   November 28 - 29. ...

  • Community,  I have noticed that I have lost the ability to hold an evaluation context when using bookmarks to toggle between visualizations on the same page. For example if I was to select a bar on a bar chart and switch between visuals, the selected ...

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    MS Graph ODBC errors

    I know lots of people have trouble with connections; this question has a narrower scope; we're currently developing applications using MS Graph, and usually works fine; but sometimes queries just fail; see attached for error message. I'd guess fundamentally ...

  • Hi guys, had a quick look at this question, as I have been much engaged with these issues; I presume you are aware that Graph can only be accessed using the OAUTH protocol, which (currently) must be implemented in your data connector; get started here:; ...

  • I didn't see any posts about this and I thought it would be something that some of our PUG members may be interested in: Power BI for Developers Special Interest Group The special interest group is part of this PUG website, it's not on a separate ...

  • ​Hi Amy, I agree with Glen. I would some time troubleshoot the filter 'Dates[FutureD]<>"Future")' You can either change the measure to Revenue YTD = TOTALYTD([Revenue Total], 'Dates'[Date], Dates[FutureD]="Future") and see what that returns or write ...

  • Having dealt with similar problems, I do believe that it is data.  If the data is coming from Excel, it is highly likely that this filter is the culprit: Dates[FutureD]<>"Future" You may want to try this instead: TRIM (Dates[FutureD])<>"Future" ...


  • NOTICE - November meeting cancelled, December meeting scheduled for Thursday 12/13

    Good afternoon,

    Please note, we will not be holding a meetup for the Houston PowerBI Users Group (PUG) in November.

    Also, the December meetup will be held on the second Thursday of the month, 12/13, rather than the third (to minimize interference with anyone's holiday plans/vacations).

    Kind regards,
  • Future Meeting Format

    The following meeting format is being considered for our monthly PUG meetings.
    1) 30 minutes for introductions and news together
    2) 45 minutes for a beginner session held simultaneously with an advanced session
    3) 45 minutes open floor and collaboration together

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