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We are so glad you have decided to join the Greater Houston Power BI Users Group. Our goal is to bring together like minded technology and business leaders to discuss how to implement, adopt and champion analytics in our decision making. We will work together to discuss needs, challenges and opportunities for Microsoft's Power BI product and analytics overall. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming Monthly Meetings!
Thank you- Andrew Moore and Sonny Childs 

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  • Awesome!  Glad you fixed it! I had to learn that lesson the hard way and beat my head up against that same wall a LOT. Now whenever I work with people who are just getting started I always advise them to delete all the auto relationships that PBI draws ...

  • All fixed!  After making both a User Name Key and a Question Name Key, I decided to delete all my relationships and start over.  I drew all the relationships off of the Key tables and now it all works.  Probably a best practice anyway, but I was relying ...

  • Thank you Andrew - I will try that next.  I did find a video that suggested making a Key by appending columns together and removing duplicates.  This worked to draw the relationships, but I'm still not able to get some of the data from different tables ...

  • Hi Holly, The easiest way to deal with this is to create a table which has each question in it once and then connect that table to each of the tables that have questions. I would start with whichever table contains all the possible questions, even if ...

  • Hi Nicholas, I took a stab at this in Excel and I think I have what you want.  The concepts and formulas are exactly the same (Excel does use := for measures and = for calculated columns in DAX but that's the only difference). I loaded your data ...

  • Hello PUGgers, I need some help with a data model.  I am trying to run analysis on internal skills assessment results and I am having trouble assigning a relationship between certain tables.  I am getting this error when I try with all except for 1 table.  ...

  • Hello Everyone, Long time reader, First time posting.    I'm in need of some help from my PUG.  I'm running a time study in the engineering group I manage. I'm trying to show the task that an individual spent the most time on.  Each day, each individual ...

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  • Future Meeting Format

    The following meeting format is being considered for our monthly PUG meetings.
    1) 30 minutes for introductions and news together
    2) 45 minutes for a beginner session held simultaneously with an advanced session
    3) 45 minutes open floor and collaboration together
  • Call for July Presentations

    If you are interested, please answer the 5 question survey on July's PUG meeting presentations.  Thank you.

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