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We are so glad you have decided to join the Greater Houston Power BI Users Group. Our goal is to bring together like minded technology and business leaders to discuss how to implement, adopt and champion analytics in our decision making. We will work together to discuss needs, challenges and opportunities for Microsoft's Power BI product and analytics overall. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming Monthly Meetings!
Thank you- Andrew Moore, Alex Savoy, Leezet Llorance, Glen Accardo

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  • We want to let you know that User Group Focus for Power Platform is coming to Houston, TX on March 13-14, 2019 .   Calling All Speakers! The Call for Proposals is currently open through this Friday, December 14 th . Do you have a session you'd ...

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  • ​I made it to a solution. Posting this as a solution to copying and pasting a new column to wksheets each day. ------------------------------ Malori Meyer Analyst 9798249358 ------------------------------

  • ​ I need to change this code to be dynamic:  Sheets("Current Day - IT").Select     Columns("AH:AH").Select     Selection.Copy     Selection.Insert Shift:=xlToRight     Range("AI3").Select     Application.CutCopyMode = False     ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 ...

  • ​ Please share this coupon code for User Focus - Houston: PF19EB (case sensitive). $100 off registration fee. ------------------------------ Alexander Boamah Dallas/Fort Worth, TX ------------------------------

  • Ok, good deal.  I can explain in general how to fix what's going on but if you need detailed steps, I probably won't be able to explain it more fully until tomorrow. Basically, you need to split the prospects column off the original table and into it's ...

  • Hey Andrew, thanks for that information! I'll pass that along to my team for reference. I had them double-check and it is for sure using Import mode. ------------------------------ Kelly Moore Business Analyst Proximo Cypress TX 2817983178 ------ ...

  • Hi Kelly, Just to be 100% clear, you are reading from Azure SQL database in Import mode and not Direct Query, correct?  I think I know where @Venkateswara Reddy Marella is going with this. Your issue can be resolved by expanding the data model but the ...


  • Call for Volunteers


    We are currently seeking volunteers to present content for the February session and future sessions.

    For the February PUG (2/21/19), we are recruiting folks for lightning talks.  If you would like to give a short talk on any subject related to Power BI (a particular visual, a nifty DAX technique, some add-on product, a related technology, etc.), please contact Glen, Greg, or Daniel, and we’ll add you to the growing list.

    For future sessions, we will be experimenting with different meeting formats that encourage more participation and allow people to share content in different ways. 

    For more details, please see the link to our Volunteering Opportunities page below.
  • Future Meeting Format

    The following meeting format is being considered for our monthly PUG meetings.
    1) 30 minutes for introductions and news together
    2) 45 minutes for a beginner session held simultaneously with an advanced session
    3) 45 minutes open floor and collaboration together

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