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Welcome to Power BI for Data Science Virtual Group!
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If you do data analysis, data mining, data visualization and/or data science, R programming enjoying the usage of Power BI, this is the place for you. By joining this team, you will share experience, learn about projects and other data analysis capabilities by meeting with talented people.

The main purpose of this group is to expand the capabilities of R and Power BI working together. Don't worry if you are just a beginner or well experienced Data Scientist; if you want to learn more about Data Science this is your place!

You can go here to the R Script Showcase site for Power BI. Get inspired!
R Showcase

Thank you.

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  • Hola @Jose Wirtz En el link: https://community.powerbi.com/t5/R-Script-Showcase/Correlation-Plot/m-p/58462 puedes encontrar el archivo PBI correspondiente. Saludos​ ------------------------------ Pablo Moreno Data Intelligence Engineer Panama pmorenogonzalez@gmail.com ...

  • Buenas tardes Pablo, un gusto! Tendrás a la mano el archivo que utilizaste como prueba. SalesByDay. Favor adjuntarlo, gracias! ------------------------------ Jose Wirtz 52089818 ------------------------------

  • Dear All, I would like to create a dynamic scatterplot in which user can choose x, y axis, color coding and maibe more. Both for aggregated and non aggregated measure (eventually in 2 different sheets). This because I created it into Tableau using parameters ...

  • Thank you very much @Hasham Bin Niaz Definitely, the credit is all for Sam as I just shared the content ------------------------------ Pablo Moreno Data Intelligence Engineer Panama pmorenogonzalez@gmail.com ------------------------------

  • Excellent share @Pablo Moreno , credit goes to Sam as well for well documenting this. Regards, ------------------------------ Hasham Bin Niaz Sr. BI Consultant Karachi, Pakistan ------------------------------


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