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Welcome to Power BI for Data Science Virtual Group!
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If you do data analysis, data mining, data visualization and/or data science, R programming enjoying the usage of Power BI, this is the place for you. By joining this team, you will share experience, learn about projects and other data analysis capabilities by meeting with talented people.

The main purpose of this group is to expand the capabilities of R and Power BI working together. Don't worry if you are just a beginner or well experienced Data Scientist; if you want to learn more about Data Science this is your place!

You can go here to the R Script Showcase site for Power BI. Get inspired!
R Showcase

Thank you.

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  • Great call! Also, consider the limitations of using R within Power BI. Thank you ------------------------------ Pablo Moreno Data Intelligence Engineer Dell Panama 69444206 ------------------------------

  • Hi All, Two weeks ago I was trying to use a R Script in Power BI Desktop that import data from a PDF File, and I got this error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Details DataSourceKind=R". It tooks me 2 days to figure out that this ...

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  • Thank you for sharing I will have a look at it ASAP ------------------------------ Regards Mehdi HAMMADI ------------------------------

  • Hey community, I recently discovered a beautiful R GUI tool called Stagraph . It allows you to import, manage and visualize data using the power R within a GUI interface and with no code.  What is also more important, you can connect it with Power ...

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    Power Query (M) Guide

    Hello community, in case this is helpful for any of you: https://msdn.microsoft.com/query-bi/m/power-query-m-function-reference Microsoft Power Query M function reference | Microsoft Docs This site uses ...

  • Hello, if it helps, check out the library section of this User Group; you will find a couple of eBooks about Machine Learning with R and Power BI. Thank you ------------------------------ Pablo Moreno Data Intelligence Engineer Quest Panama 69444206 ...

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  • Es cierto que Power BI es una aplicacion bastante versatile a la hora de visualizar y analizar datos, y aunque se menciona en varios blogs y white papers las capacidadesd de analisis predictivo o Machine Learning (al margen de usar el R script ), aqui ...

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