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Power BI User Group in Chennai is not just for those who are living in Chennai but also for everyone else who miss Chennai. So all chennai based tech and non-tech guys can make use of this opportunity to get together to learn, share and network your knowledge, expertise.

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  • Hi @Shirley Gnanadhas In query editor you can put a filter on the date field to load only the required data.  ​​ ------------------------------ Gopa Kumar S ------------------------------

  • So I am trying to build a dashboard with the Google Analytics connector available with Power BI. I was able to connect it to GA and pull the data, but the problem is, I am getting all the data since the beginning of setting up the GA account for the website. ...

  • Registration closes soon. Ensure to book for our next local meeting. Agenda is available in above registration link and the event venue is given below. Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd #471, 2nd Floor, Prestige Polygon, Anna Salai, Rathna Nagar, ...

  • HI All,   Check CPBIG's October 2018 webinar videos. Power BI with AI - Power BI with Flow - Thanks ------------------------------ Hariharan Rajendran Lead BI ...

  • Hi,       Try below logic. 3 Months Total = CALCULATE([TotalSales], ALL('Date'), DATESBETWEEN('Date'[Date],DATEADD(NEXTDAY(LASTDATE('Date'[Date])),-4,MONTH),DATEADD(LASTDATE('Date'[Date]),-1,MONTH))) 3 Months Avg = DIVIDE([3 Months Total],3,0) ...


  • Our 9th Local Meeting

    Hi All

    Our next local meeting is scheduled on 18th May 2019 at Microsoft Teynampet Office. You can visit below link for more information and registration.

    Dr.Subramani Paramasivam
  • March 2019 - Webinar

    Registration is getting full this time for our March Webinar. You can view the updated agenda here.

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