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  • Did you know the Microsoft Product Team will be at Power Platform Summit Europe in full force presenting the Microsoft Power Series track – with over 15 hours of deep dive, hands on content – and the PowerBIUG is giving away one free personalized ...

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  • Thanks Jose, that's what I was afraid of. At least now I can focus on finding a different solution. ------------------------------ Gerald O'Flanagain Reporting Specialist Dublin 868678 ------------------------------

  • Hi @Gerald O'Flanagain , As you have DQ and Imported data in the same model you are under a Composite Model scenario.  In this case you are going to have to refresh the calculated tables if these are coming from a Imported dataset. If someone as ...

  • Hi All, Hoping for a bit of help. I have a composite model including both direct query and import tables. In this model I also have a calculated table that unions between direct query sources and import sources. Unfortunately the data validation is ...

  • Hi all,  This question was posted by  Carlos Mandolesi  on the Meetup page but I think it would be good to share here with the community. So Carlos is asking : " is there anybody in the group using PowerBI together with Project Online/Server? " ...

  • Hi folks, Do you know how Dataflows work? Did you know you can reuse Dataflows without Premium capacity ? and how to use custom function in Dataflows ? Matthew Roche ( @ SQLAllFather )  has currently 28 articles exclusively about Dataflows at : https://ssbipolar.com/category/power-bi/dataflows/ ...

  • Thanks, Darren, Much appreciated!! Regards, ------------------------------ Tuhin Tapadar Data Analyst Dublin 894164048 ------------------------------



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  • Hi folks,

    2019 promises to be an excited year for Dublin Community. So stay tuned!
    We are just announcing our guest speaker for February @Erik Svensen.
    And don't miss out the new year kick off @PurpleFrogAlex

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