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    file loading automation

    hi experts, i have following scenario: i get a monthly cognosexport and a start configuration file from my client. with this start configuration file i update my existing configuration file from last month by creating a unique key in both configfiles ...

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    Dataflow Errors

    Hi, I've built a dataflow with 5 entities and also set an incremental refresh for the most two heavy entities. Data gateway also has been set up properly. When I tried to refresh the dataflow (I've tried multiple times), some entities were able to complete ...

  • Hi @Seth Johnson , There is a running total quick measure in-built in PBI, you can just use that. Right click on any table and select quick measure. From the selection, select 'Running Total' and it will automatically create a measure for you. Hope ...

  • Hi @Nancy Peterson , Please can you remove the comma before the last bracket and try the code again. Event Internet = VAR Min_Date = MIN('Event'[Earliest_Date]) VAR Max_Date = (Min_Date + 'Days After'[Days After Value] ) RETURN CALCULATE([Internet ...

  • hi hasham, thank you for your effort but this is not the way i want to show the diagram. the expected output should exactly look like this: i am used to use qlikview for my reports and there i have the simple opportunity to select a checkbox for ...

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  • For developers, it is easy to embed a Power BI report into a form in a model driven app by tweaking form Xml. Power BI is a self analytics tool so that end users/ business users can easily build report and dashboards. What if we have a tool for business ...

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