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  • Sounds good. Much appreciated ! :) ------------------------------ Frederic Forest Datatorii Directeur general Paris ------------------------------

  • Hi Frederic ! You should first setup test new gateway, you can setup multiple gateways to point same data source. Let me search something on this, because manually importing reports & assigning groups could be cumbersome. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi Steve ! I have worked with firefox & this seems to work as expected. Can you change your browser & try it from another machine, seems like a glitch at browser / network end. ------------------------------ Hasham Bin Niaz Sr. BI Consultant Karachi, ...

  • ​When you click the ellipses on a chart while on the PBI server, then you are able to export the summary information or the underlining information: ------------------------------ Brian Connelly ------------------------------

  • ​Interesting.  I didn't notice that and will need to check if that was my root issue.  Now thinking "Tunnel Vision". ------------------------------ Brian Connelly ------------------------------


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  • We all have unique needs when it comes to our jobs. It can be difficult to find ways to customize your education, but Focus, held May 21-24, 2018 in Indianapolis, provides just that! at!  Focus does things a little differently than our traditional ...

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  • Over the last several months the Focus Programming Committee has worked diligently to determine the most relevant and useful session topics for Power BI users and they are ready to share Focus 2018 session details with you! Check out the schedule ...

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