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  • Hi @Aki Sheel If some of your columns for the slicers are of a hierarchy ​nature, you can create the hierarchy in the slicer itself by dropping the columns in the same slicer. ------------------------------ Gopa Kumar Limner Consulting North ...

  • Oladapo​ Sorinola, Thank you for the kind words!  Glad I could help.  If you need anything don't hesitate to get in touch! John ------------------------------ John Thomas NC United States ------------------------------

  • Hi @Leonard Levine Have you got your solution from the link @Lutz Bendlin suggested? If not, is it possible for you to give sample data in excel? ​​If I undersand you correctly, for calculation of 'Paid hours', you need to consider the most recent ...

  • Hi Joao, If you are getting a new file each day for just that day, then you need to change the source dataset from a file to a folder.   PowerBI will iterate through all of the files (and folders) in the source folder, and append all of the files together.  ...

  • Hello Bill, I am not sure if this issue has been resolved but I love the conversation between yourself and John. I love his PATIENCE and the way he explained his points. I really don't know how to describe his words/responses but they are soothing and ...

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  • If you are just getting started with Power BI you may be seeing a lot of references to a 'Calendar' Table or 'Date Table.  Maybe you already have a handle on this aspect of PBI, but a lot of people seem not to understand how to get started.  If you forego ...

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